December 5, 2018


About Magnificent Memory!

This idea was brought to life by Roni P a well-known name in the entertainment industry. After attending many weddings and social events he had noticed that most of the guests are crowding around a photo booth. In Many Cases the hosts that are hosting the event can get disappointed that the attention is shifting from them and goes to the photo booth rather than the special occasion itself that they had spent a lot of money and time on. That’s where Magnificent Memory idea was born.

We offer our unique photography services for any type of occasions:

So, you can give our custom photo magnets to your guests as a real-life memory of your special occasion. Therefore, both of you share and cherish that magnificent memory together. Of course, aside from wedding photo magnets, you can also have birthday photo magnets and any other photo magnets for all occasions.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our instant photo magnet services are made during the event itself so that your guests can have their souvenirs quick, but you don’t have to worry that we may distract your event. We always work subtle for us not to be distracting attention from your events and occasion much like other photo booths services.

Magnificent Memory ensures you that your guests will be more than happy with custom photo magnets as their souvenirs.  They will surely enjoy having something original in remembering your event and the special memories you’ve shared. All of which is possible with our unique service ensuring that you’ll have a favor attraction unlike any others for your special occasion.

We always work to making your wedding, birthday or any other special occasion to be as fun and unique as possible. To do that, we work hard and strive to setting ourselves apart from what you can expect from others. All of which is made possible with our exceptional customer service, attention to details, premium photo magnets, customized photo frames and competitive pricing.

We offer our services across of Houston and Metro areas. We’ll be there to make sure that your guests will remember your special event as being part of it. Please do look at our gallery and packages. We’ll make sure you’ll experience a day that is truly unique, creative, exciting and fun with Magnificent Memory instant photo magnets as a souvenir for your guests. (832) 866-2893.

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